Poetry : A Necklace of Skulls by Eunice De Souza


buy viagra sildenafil online A Necklace of Skulls by Eunice De Souza.

buy childrens allegra online I came across Eunice De Souza’s work quite by chance. Someone posted a photo of her poem ‘Marriages are made’ on Facebook and I was suddenly on a wild goose chase to get ahold of her published books.
I decided to start with this Penguin collection to see if the rest of her poetry held up. It did!
Her work is similar to that of Kamala Surraya’s (another one of my favorites) in that it is very Indian, very honest and very inclined to be provocative.
As a poet, she was brusque and brutal and her poetry delved into themes that easily evoked this nature in her. Death,grief, feminism, love, family are all recurring themes but with a grim Eunice touch.
I’ll probably re- read this collection at some point for I’m sure a lot of it went over my head.
All in all, some splendid poetry!
Favourite poems – Conversation piece, He speaks, Don’t look for my life in these poems , Grandmother.

buy inderal for anxiety P.S – I was heartbroken to hear about the poetess’s death in July and hope to read more of her work in the coming year.

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