Book review : Autumn by Ali Smith Autumn by Ali Smith Twenty pages into Autumn by Ali Smith, there is a chance you might think to yourself ‘I am not smart enough for this book but I also love it.’ No? Just me then? Okay. Autumn by Ali Smith goes where not many books go, in that it mostly refuses to budge […]

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Happy Birthday Mr. Haruki Murakami!

see url   I have a love-hate relationship with your writing but I’m glad you exist! Favourite Book – After Dark Favourite quote : “Time moves in its own special way in the middle of the night.” Please let me know your thoughts about his writing and books, if you’d like!

synonyme rencontre au sommet

Poetry : A Necklace of Skulls by Eunice De Souza

go   A Necklace of Skulls by Eunice De Souza. I came across Eunice De Souza’s work quite by chance. Someone posted a photo of her poem ‘Marriages are made’ on Facebook and I was suddenly on a wild goose chase to get ahold of her published books. I decided to start with this Penguin collection […]